South Florida Bail Bonds | The Process of Florida Bail Bonds

So, if you or a family member are arrested, you will likely deal with a South Florida bail bonds company unless you have enough money to post the entire amount. Typically, the amount your bond is set is according to the offense for which you were arrested. If you’re arrested for a minor criminal offense, your bail will be set at $5,000. If you’re hiring a bail bond agent, you’ll have to pay $500 to avoid spending more time in jail so the bail bond agent can take care of posting the bail on your behalf.

What to Do If You Have a Higher Bond and You Can’t Afford It

Hiring the services of a bail bond agent is the only thing you can do if you want to be released after an arrest while waiting for your court dates. If you have a higher bond, you may have to provide your bail bondsman with security for the entire amount of the bond. You will have to put up your house, your car, or any properties you have that is worth the entire bond amount. You will likely sign a contract which states the asset is security for the bond. If you leave the country or the state, the bail bondsman could place a lien on your car, home, or whatever asset you put up as collateral. Once you sign the agreement, the bail bondsman may actually have some control over you and can require you to update them regularly about your whereabouts.

How Long Does It Take to Have Your Bond Posted by a Bail Bondsman?

After you are arrested, you will go through a “booking” process. The duration of the process depends on how busy the jail is at the time. Typically, the process takes about one to three hours and can take as long as 12 hours depends on which county you are arrested in. but if you’re arrested for a DUI case, you will be held until your alcohol level drops. The bail bondsman has no control over how long you will be held in DUI cases.

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December 9, 2019