Miami Gardens Bail Bonds | Can I Get My Money Back?

State laws will determine the appropriate bail amounts for each crime and whether defendants are allowed to post bail following booking and whether the police can release them without requiring bail. Getting arrested can be a stressful situation for the defendant and all the parties involved. Paying for bail can be expensive. If you can’t afford to pay the set bail on your own, a Miami Gardens bail bonds agent can take care of that.

What If Charges Get Dropped, Will I Get My Money Back?

If you (the defendant) has made the required court appearances and has paid a cash bail for release and then being proven guilt-free by the court, you should be returned the bail when your case is ordered to close.

Often, when the case is closed, the defendant is usually left in the dark without any proper advice about how to get his/her money back. The judge usually issues an order for the return of the bail after the closing of the case called “exonerating” the bail. But if your case ended in a conviction, the government will retain 3% of the bail amount. If you hired a bail bondsman, he/she will also keep the part of the fee that usually ranges from 10% to 40%. The fee percentage that they get to keep depends on the amount of the bail, the defendant’s criminal record, and the seriousness of the offense. If you paid on your own directly to the court, you will receive a full refund, but when a bail bondsman is involved, the refund will be reduced.

How the Bail Money Will Be Returned?

There are two likely scenarios in which the bail money will be returned. Either the person must be acquitted or all charges must be dropped. A bail bondsman must keep a tab on the defendant’s case such as the different court dates and the exact date the case was ended or closed to know when to get your money back. You must ensure that the defendant shows up in court when required in order to get the full refund of the bail amount.

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Need Help with Miami Gardens Bail Bonds?

Preparing/getting bail can be much more complicated than many of us imagine it to be. If you ever had to bail someone out of jail but need the assistance of a Miami Gardens bail bonds agent, get in touch with MIA Bail Bonds today.

October 28, 2019