Miami Bail Agent | Questions You Need to Ask Before Hiring a Bail Agent

When you commit a crime, it is possible that you’d get arrested. For you to avoid spending time in jail before your scheduled court hearings, you may need to work with an experienced Miami bail agent. Bail agents will have established relationships with the lawyers, the judges, and the others directly involved in the judicial system. They’ll be able to help their client deal with the judicial system by posting bail on behalf of their client if the defendant can’t afford the amount of bail set by the judge.

What to Do Before Hiring a Bail Agent

When seeking out the help of a bail agent, you need to do proper initial research. Bail agents will help you deal with the system, but not all will treat you or respect you in the same regard. Some will help you, but will then take advantage of you then abandon you, and you’ll be on your own. You have to protect your rights, yourself, and your arrested loved one. Before finalizing the formal agreement with your chosen bail agent, here are things you need to ask:

May I See Your License?

This is similar to asking a police officer to see their badge number and not an insult to the bail agent. You’re just making sure that you are dealing with a legitimate bail agent. 

What Do You Charge For Your Services?

Bail bond companies have different services and rates. You’re of course looking for the most flexible payment plans and best rates. You should also look up former client reviews to hear about other people’s experiences about the bail agent/company you’re about to deal with.

Can I Get Our Contract in Writing and Can I Obtain a Copy Please?

Do not make any payments until you have a contract. Read over the contract and make sure there are no hidden fees in there. Make sure you understand everything that’s stated in there before signing it and ask questions to make sure everything is clear to you before finalizing the contract. Make sure to get a copy. 

In Need of a Miami Bond Agent?

MIA Bail Bonds objective is to help arrested individuals by providing them an experienced Miami bail agent. Our agents have the knowledge and experience to help anyone obtain bail. Contact us today for more information.

October 16, 2019