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Once you’ve been arrested in Miami, you need an expert to guide you through the process of getting released from jail while awaiting trial. Usually, a judge can decide to either offer bail or not. Some defendants, depending on the crime they committed and their background, can be released on a signature bond. After you have been processed and booked, you will be allowed to contact a family member, a friend, or a Miami bail agent to begin the jail release process. If you were arrested for a misdemeanor, the bail amount should be immediately available from a county bail schedule. For more serious crimes, a judge will set bail after a bond hearing, usually adding hours or a day or more to your wait to be released from jail.

How to Begin the Process of Securing a Bond

When the set cost of bail is low, you may choose to post the bail in full, knowing that you can receive a full refund upon the successful completion of the trial. But in the case of a larger required bail, you may decide to hire a Miami bail agent and pay the 10% fee of the bail amount and use collateral to secure a bond for you or your loved one’s immediate release. To secure a bond, make sure you have the full name of the defendant, the location and the name of the jail, the booking number, and the amount of the bail. This will help you get an accurate fee estimate from the bail agent you contact. You’ll discuss the local and state regulations on bail with your bail agent, including the fact that you are not allowed to receive a discounted fee by law to less than 6.5% in Florida.

When Does the Bail Bond End?

The process of the bail bonds ends when the defendant appear for their court hearing. Regardless of the outcome of their court hearing, as long as they don’t flee and continue to show up to their scheduled court dates, the bonds are terminated.

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December 27, 2019