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Miami Bail Agent | What to Do If You Get Arrested

Do you know that thousands of people get arrested on a daily basis? You’re used to seeing it in the movies but what do you if it finally happens to you? Getting arrested, especially if it’s your first time, can trigger a panic attack but if you’re wise, you’ll stay calm and collected to prevent[...]

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January 14, 2020
South Florida Bail Bonds | How Do Bail Bonds Work?

You’re probably familiar with the term bail either you’ve read it on the news or heard it from the radio. People who are arrested by legal authorities are required to pay bail so that they can stay out of prison albeit temporarily until their final court date. When the arrested person cannot afford to pay[...]

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January 7, 2020
Bail Bondsman Miami Dade County | Responsibilities of a Bail Bond Agency

Individuals facing charges must stay behind bars unless they post bail or pay the amount ordered by the court. Rather than waiting in a cell for weeks until trial, hiring a bail bondsman Miami Dade County allows the accused to be released from custody until the next hearing. Bail bonds guarantee that the defendant will[...]

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December 29, 2019
Miami Bail Agent | Getting a Bond in Miami

Once you’ve been arrested in Miami, you need an expert to guide you through the process of getting released from jail while awaiting trial. Usually, a judge can decide to either offer bail or not. Some defendants, depending on the crime they committed and their background, can be released on a signature bond. After you[...]

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December 27, 2019
Miami Beach Bail Agent | How Do Bail Agents Ensure Court Appearances

Court appearances can be very stressful for the arrested individual and his/her family. To add to the stress of being arrested, an unexpected amount of money is also demanded by the defendant to avoid jail time whilst waiting for their court date. When you are arrested for a crime, you will be held in jail[...]

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December 24, 2019
South Florida Bail Bonds | The Process of Florida Bail Bonds

So, if you or a family member are arrested, you will likely deal with a South Florida bail bonds company unless you have enough money to post the entire amount. Typically, the amount your bond is set is according to the offense for which you were arrested. If you’re arrested for a minor criminal offense,[...]

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December 9, 2019
Bail Bonds in Miami FL | What Happens When You Skip Bail

If you or a loved one has been arrested, you may have known by now that in order for a defendant to be released from custody until his/her trial, a set bail should be posted. Bail is not used as a punishment but the purpose of bail is to ensure that the defendant will appear[...]

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November 29, 2019
Arrest Records Miami Gardens FL | How Your Arrest Records Can Affect Your Future

When you are charged with a crime, the inevitable question is: how much will it cost to hire a criminal defense attorney. An arrest can suddenly put your life in jeopardy, and if convicted, you could face many other consequences aside from spending time in jail. But how can your arrest records Miami Gardens FL[...]

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November 25, 2019