Bail Bondsman Miami Dade County | Responsibilities of a Bail Bond Agency

Individuals facing charges must stay behind bars unless they post bail or pay the amount ordered by the court. Rather than waiting in a cell for weeks until trial, hiring a bail bondsman Miami Dade County allows the accused to be released from custody until the next hearing. Bail bonds guarantee that the defendant will appear on the next scheduled court date in exchange for being released from custody. Most people rely on licensed bail bond agencies to post bail on behalf of them especially if they can’t afford to pay the full amount on their own.

Who Can Bail Someone Out of Jail?

Anyone age over 18 or with valid identification or passport can bail someone out of jail in Miami Dade County. If you are the one responsible for posting bail for your loved one, you are referred to as the “Indemnitor” and is responsible for ensuring the defendant appears for all the required court dates until the case is closed. For someone who cannot pay the full amount of bail in cash may hire a bail bond agent to post the bail for the defendant to be released from custody.

Requirements to Post a Bail Bond

The amount of bail imposed by the court depends on the severity of the crime committed. If you can’t afford to post bail for a friend or family member, you should get in touch with a bail bond agency to have all your necessary documents sorted and bail bond posted. Here are the responsibilities of a bail bond agency in Miami Dade County:

  • Explaining to the accused and its family members the bond agreement
  • Locating the accused
  • Arranging full payment
  • Disclosing up-front costs
  • Ensuring the defendant’s court appearance
  • Finding fugitive with a warrant

who offers a bail bondsman miami dade county?

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December 29, 2019