Bail Bonds 33130 | How Do I Pay Bail?

Once you are charged with a crime and is in police custody, you can only get of jail by posting bail or obtaining a bond. The judge can deny you bail or set any bail amount that is not objectively unreasonable. The bail amount is determined based on the severity of the alleged offense, the chances that the defendant will flee the jurisdiction before its trial date, and the likelihood that the accused will commit additional crimes after being released from jail. If you can’t afford the set bail, some companies offer bail bonds 33130 in Florida that can help you secure bail and immediate release from jail.

How Bail Bonds Work in Florida

If someone is arrested in Florida, a judge may set a bond on the arresting papers. And if the person is arrested without a bond, that person will probably have to spend the night in jail and be taken the next day to a hearing called “the first appearance” where the judge will:

  • Set a cash or surety bond
  • Hold a person in jail with no bond (no opportunity for release)
  • Release the person on his or her promise to appear on all court appearances

A bondsman will put up the full amount of the bond with the court and is paid a 10% non-refundable fee of the bail amount. The bondsman will then make sure the defendant will be at every court hearing until the case is over. If the defendant fails to appear in court, the bondsman has the power to pursue and return the defendant in jail.

Will I Get My Money Back?

If you post the full bail amount providing cash as collateral and without using a bondsman, you usually get most of that money back when the case has ended. If you use a bond agent and are released from jail, you rarely get any of that 10% fee back.

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Need Help with Bail Bonds 33130?

If you are arrested, you will probably deal with a bail bonds 33130 company unless you have the money to afford the entire amount. But if you want immediate release in jail and needs a bail agent to help you out, contact MIA Bail Bonds for more information.

August 16, 2019