Miami Bail Bond Prices

Bail bond agents are needed when a person being arrested does not have enough money to immediately pay the full bail bond amount. Typically, You will pay the bail bond agent 10% of the total amount of the bail bond that the court has set. This way the person affected can use their time to meet with their lawyer and get organized for the court trials ahead. This process can take between 5-7 workdays but can be approved faster when working with an experienced bail bondsman.

Types of Bail Bonds

State Bond

State and county bail bonds are what are generally referred to when talking about a bail bond. They are also known as court bonds and appearance bonds. The premium for a state or county bail bond in the State of Florida is 10%, which is standard, and non-negotiable and non refundable once a state or county bond has been written. A Judge may also set a "Nebbia Requirement" just as in federal court. The process is virtually identical to the court process for federal bail bonds. However, this is usually in felony cases or cases at which the funds must be proven before release.

Federal Bonds

Federal Bail Bonds are needed when a person is accused of interstate crimes or federal crimes. The judge has the sole responsibility to set a bail amount in a federal case. Federal bail bonds typically are set at a higher rater than state bail bonds. The premium rate of 15% is the rate in the state of Florida. There is almost always a "Nebbia" requirement set along with the bail bond. A Nebbia is a way for the state to request the defendant and his/her family to show that the funds being used came from legitimate sources and not the proceeds of the alleged crime.

Here's a list of the types of documents typically submitted

There is usually a hearing that is set for the Nebbia where the defendant prior to the hearing that shows proof of where the funds come from and that the nebbia has been satisfied. In the case of a Nebbia hearing it is very important to have a bail bondsman that is experienced in the process of a Nebbia. The bail bond agent has the responsibility to prepare the nebbia packet that gets presented to the state attorney in Florida. The bail bondsman will work with the defendant, family, or friends to make sure the assets are suitable for the nebbia packet, once presented this is called a Nebbia Proffer. From there, the state will either approve or deny the proffer and if approved will be presented to the judge and then satisfied so that the defendant will be released.