Bail Bond Agent Miami FL | Can a Bail Bond Agent Legally Make an Arrest?

If you have been arrested, hired a bail bond agent Miami FL to pay for your set bond, and failed to appear in court, your bail bond agent is allowed to arrest you and bring you back to the courthouse. A bail bond agent does not require a warrant to make an arrest since they are not government agents.

What Happens If You Fail to Appear in Court

If you fail to show up at your scheduled court date, your posted bond will be forfeited and the judge will issue a warrant for your arrest. You must know that before your bond is being posted, you will sign a contract that indicates your bond conditions. This includes the forfeiture of your bond once you failed to appear in court. You will be re-arrested at a later date and you will need to post another bond, typically in a much higher amount. You may also be charged with a new criminal offense if you fail to attend your court date.

What If a Bail Bond Agent Fails to Arrest You?

Bail bond agents are allowed by the law to seek out their clients who have failed to appear in court. They may also hire bounty hunters, but bounty hunters are not allowed to apprehend their target if they flee to other countries. Bounty hunters in some jurisdictions are required to wear clothing that clearly identifies their profession.

Why Paying Bail on Your Own is a Bad Idea

Paying cash bail in full amount is a long-term investment that can damage your financial situation. This is why working with a bail bond company is favorable and convenient because it allows you to pay only a portion of your bail amount. This is less risky than paying the full amount on your own.

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Need to Work with a Bail Agent?

You don’t have to face your bail problems on your own. Let our trusted bail bond agent Miami FL help you out of that situation. To get in touch with our bail agents, contact MIA Bail Bonds today for more information.

October 17, 2019