Arrest Records Miami Dade County | Information and Purpose of Arrest Records

If you are taken into police custody because of a criminal act, you are considered under arrest. An arrest record or a criminal record is then created after an arrest. Law enforcement and other judicial administrative institutions keep arrest records to keep track of a person’s criminal history. Arrest records Miami Dade County contains information about the arrested person and the incident that led to the arrest. They also sometimes include a description of the victim of the crime.

What Are Arrest Records Used For?

The arrest can occur immediately after an alleged crime or investigation. Following an arrest, an arrest record is then created and are used by law enforcement and people who are:

  • Employing People
  • Renting Property
  • Performing Background Checks

Most criminal records are automatically expunged after a certain period of time. As for juvenile records, they are confidential and not available to the public without a court order.

What Information is on an Arrest Record?

Both state and federal law enforcement agencies keep arrest records and have their own standards regarding what to include in a record. As a general rule, arrest records will contain basic information about the person such as photographs, identifying marks, social security number, race, weight, height, name, birth date, aliases, and fingerprints. Records will usually include the sentence, the date, and court of the conviction, and whether the crime is a felony or a misdemeanor.

Can an Arrest Record Be Cleared?

Under certain circumstance, an individual can have their arrest record cleared but this depends on the jurisdiction and their rules regarding expungements. Some jurisdictions allow a person to expunge arrest and convictions depending on the criminal act, but some sex crimes and traffic violations are not expugnable.

what are arrest records miami dade county?

Need More Information About Arrest Records Miami Dade County?

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July 30, 2019